Competitive Rates

Axis Structural Engineers is purposely structured as a small business to minimise overheads. Most consultancies have a company structure with company directors adding significant markups to cover higher salaries as well as dividends withdrawn from the company. At Axis Structural you consult directly with your structural design engineer, without any middle men. In doing this, you save a significant amount of money. The quality of work, knowledge of codes and analysis techniques, and care taken on each job is second to none. In short, you get the same or often better quality of work and professional services that you would from other consultancies, except at lower fees.

Concrete Foundation Slabs and Footings

Prices for Granny Flats and small Ground Floor Extensions are $595 (standard size 60 sqm). Small to Medium sized houses or secondary dwellings (100sqm. to 200sqm.) are between $695-795, & Large houses (250 sqm.+) and Double-Storey houses are $895+ depending of total floor size. For all new houses Architectural plans are required to be provided in AutoCAD format (computer drafted), along with a geotech report for site and soil classifications. Granny flats and ground floor extensions may not require a geotech report (soil classification is done on case-by-case basis). This provides you with the structural plans and details necessary for construction and for council.

Retaining Walls

Prices are typically between $595-795 if you already have an accurate architectural or landscape plan of the proposed walls. Architectural plans, which includes the planning of ground levels and elevation drawings that most councils now require, can be done for an additional $495 with a current, accurate site survey. This provides you with the structural plans and details necessary for construction and for council.

Other Services

Fees for all other types of work are structured at similarly attractive prices. Call or email for a hassle free quote without the hard-sell, or simply if you would like to ask about something or for a little bit of advice. Please email any plans, surveys or other information to assist in getting an accurate quote.