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Experience & Expertise


Jamahl Rigby is a qualified structural engineer and owner of the business. He has studied solely and extensively in the fields of residential and light-industrial structures. He has an in depth knowledge of the many Australian Standards, structural analysis techniques and the multitude of details associated with residential engineering from being truly dedicated to this niche. He excelled at University level, completing a Structures major in a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree and graduated from the University of Sydney with honours. He continued to apply this same dedication to study in the field of residential engineering in the years throughout his career to become knowledgeable and experienced as a residential structural design engineer.



Economical Designs

Every job is tailored to suit the needs of the client. Great care and time is taken to analyse all structural members accurately so that the most economical design can be achieved that satisfies all strength and serviceabilty requirements to Australian Standards. Often your engineer can save you thousands of dollars in materials and labour by spending more time analysing and tailoring your design.

Quality Drafting

The drafting from Axis Structural is of excellent quality. Often more time is spent providing details and plans that are easier to understand, and faster for the builder to construct. This means that you, the client, will have clear, concise structural drawings and will not waste time and money on site due to ambiguous drawings or unresolved design issues.

Engineering Certification

All engineering services are certified with the professional qualifications necessary for council. Axis Structural ensures that all designs meet the requirements of current Australian Standards. This is a legal requirement that some engineers fail comply with, due to lack of knowledge of current codes or blatant disregard.

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